Master Your Video

We empower professionals to build influence with video.

Master Your Video Today

Master Your Voice

The best way to get confident is to do it.

MYV creates a framework and 'safe space' where you can practice video creation and receive feedback from peers.

Master Your Knowledge

You are the expert.

MYV provides you with the tools you need to help scale your expertise using video.

Master Your Confidence

Being in front of the camera can be scary.

MYV will help kick-start your journey toward video confidence with a clear methodology and community support.

Master Your Video Community

At MYV, we believe in growing together. That is why community plays such an integral role in our program. Join the course today to gain peer support and valuable feedback.

The training is broken into four parts:

  1. Video challenges, build your confidence using your smartphone
  2. Video technical skills, 
  3. LinkedIn Video Storytelling: create 'engaging' video suited for LinkedIn
  4. and Advance videography skills to polish your video storytelling
  5. Additional support is given by gaining community feedback. Plus String is there to give guidance too.

Expected Results:

To be video ready for LinkedIn and gain video confidence to be your expert self on camera.

The key thing is that you are confident in telling your story in an authentic way.










Use Video to Build Influence

Video makes up 80% of internet traffic and only continues to grow.

Video is a great tool to amplify and communicate your message and grow your business. 

Carl Gough (founder, meetmagic): 

Video has changed my life. 

If you want to do video, Master Your Video is a great first step through the process. 


Learn from a Video Master

Do you want to start making videos, but feel silly or incompetent in front of the camera? You are the expert and the face of your business!

Master video storytelling with String Nguyen, a 2x LinkedIn Top Voice and video creator.


Learn how to be yourself in front of the camera or on your smartphone.

Join MYV, to gain video confidence and competence.

Master Your Video Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Confidence comes from competence. The key to this course is learning by doing. The more videos you create, the more feedback you will get, and the more you will build your video storytelling skills.

The course package includes access to:

The course package includes access to:

  • String, the video master
  • 16 key lessons created by String
  • A supportive community
  • Peer feedback

Access to:

  • String, the video master
  • 16 key lessons divided into 4 units created by String
  • A supportive community
  • Peer feedback

There are 16 lessons divided into 4 units. If you do 1 lesson a day, it will take16 days. The units are:

  1. Warm up and become friends with the camera
  2. Learn the basics: from framing to lighting
  3. Level up your videos by learning about equipment and special editing tools
  4. Create LinkedIn-specific videos to attract clients

16 lessons over 16 days. Each day we will film one video.

Bonus: 1 year membership in the Master Your Video community.

Yes! We keep hearing from our participants that their favorite part of the course package is the community. The MYV community provides you with a support network and the valuable feedback you need to help you through your journey.


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